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5 tips for improving memory and focus

5 tips for improving memory and focus

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Important to know:

• To improve your memory, your blood flow must be healthy, and your brain must receive plenty of oxygen.
• Various dietary supplements can help improve the ability to focus during busy and overwhelming days.
• Exercise helps stimulate blood circulation and contributes to cognitive system improvement as well.

What helps the brain work better and faster over time?
Ways to help our brain cope with stress and effort

Chess and bridge are considered sports for a reason. Beyond the element of competition, these two games require a lot of mental effort, which robs the body of its energy. Mental effort requires a constant supply of energy. When it comes to an exam prep marathon, especially on a particularly long day at the office or when you have a brainstorming session – as time passes, your concentration gets lower, the energy required to think and be creative and precise decreases, and you become less and less efficient.


What helps the brain work better and faster over time?

There are different ways to improve thinking ability and memory – courses that teach all kinds of methods, exercises that train our brain, and a variety of other options. To put it simply – in the end, just like every organ in the body, the brain needs constant blood circulation and a high supply of oxygen.

With the help of the methods listed below, you can make sure that even if you do not actively “train” the brain, you will still be able to create the optimal conditions for hard work.


Ways to help our brain cope with stress and effort

There are quite a few ways to alleviate the mental effort and make your body cope better with different situations:

  • Regular exercise
    Exercise is very important for the brain. It stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress, and raises the level of substances in your blood, which are responsible for thinking ability.
  • Nutrition
    Proper nutrition improves almost all the systems of your body, but there are certain foods that have been proven to be effective in improving thinking ability. For example, fish, eggs and soy, which include neurotransmitters such as choline and acetyl, are good for your memory. Fruits and vegetables enrich our bodies with vitamins. Serotonin (which contributes to mood and affects memory and thinking) can be found in cottage cheese, meat, chicken and lentils. Herbs like rosemary and mint, known as stimulants, can help the circulatory system.
  • Dietary supplements
    Dietary supplements alone may not do the job, but they will help improve thinking and memory ability along with other activities. Most supplements are based on plants that have been scientifically proven to help maintain focus. Scientific studies have determined that plants like Schisandra and Aralia improve blood circulation in the body and by doing so, help cognitive ability.
  • Turn off your phone notifications
    Stopping background noises when you are trying to concentrate and handle a difficult day may sound trivial, but, in fact, almost no one uses this method to improve concentration. The amount of wasted attention, not to mention if you decide to respond to a notification, will shorten your quality time even more. It may not be easy, but controlling ambient noise will benefit your focus and increase results.
  • Take a deep breath
    This is not a cliché. The brain is the main oxygen consumer in the human body, so it is worthwhile to help it prepare for “work”. Before starting a task that requires mental focus or deep thinking, you should take a break, take deep breaths for a minute, so that your brain, which is, perhaps, the most wonderful organ in your body, can work at its full capacity. Stand up, slowly fill your lungs with air, and breathe out slowly.

Physical exercise will help and stimulate blood circulation and also contribute to cognitive
mechanism improvement.


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Dr. Alexander Gurushit Director of Research and Development

Dr. Alexander Gurushit

Director of Research and Development

The company’s founder and chief scientist since its establishment. He began to specialize in the field of herbs while still studying medicine in the Soviet Union.  From an early age, he got closely acquainted with the amazing added benefit of the beehive products and researched it in depth. He is responsible for the unique formula used to prepare the extract for the bees.

Dr. Joshua Maor R&D

Dr. Joshua Maor


Holds a Ph.D. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a postdoctoral fellowship from Harvard Medical School.  Currently, he serves as the head of the Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health Program at the Hebrew University.

Due to the diverse topics he studied and researched, Dr. Maor specializes in a wide variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, organic and analytical chemistry, pharmacology, taxology and environmental health, implementing his knowledge at Zuf Globus.

Omri Doav Biologist, Researcher

Omri Doav

Biologist, Researcher

M.Sc. in Cellular Biology and Immunology. Participated in a number of projects related to medicinal herbs, including a major EU-funded project which examined the medical potential of natural wild plants growing in the Mediterranean basin.

His knowledge of both natural and herbal products, as well as physiology and the body’s immune system make him an important member of the company’s scientific team.

We tried to bring you here on the site all the professional and scientific information about our unique food supplements and their effects. However, it is not possible to answer all the questions and concerns that are probably running through your head, so we are pleased to provide you with the expert team of Zuf Globus, headed by the company’s R&D director Dr. Alexander Gurushit and the company’s special advisor, Dr. Joshua Maor.

Feel free to send us the questions on WhatsApp or through the contact box here, and we will do our best to answer you in the fullest and fastest way.

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