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5 tips to stay healthy in winter

5 tips to stay healthy in winter

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Important to know:

• Keep your room ventilated and make sure it has clean airflow.
• Use natural nutritional supplements.
• Drink plenty of water even when it’s cold.

Why is it important to prepare for winter?
What are the symptoms of a cold?
Tips for a healthy winter

Why is it important to prepare for winter?

The winter season has its own charm. On one hand, it brings with it beautiful colors, a feeling of a warm and cozy home, the blessing of rains and clean, cold air. At the same time, this season has a few challenges, and there is a need to take care of the health in your family.
Flu, viruses, and colds are just part of the challenges your body must face during the winter. However, it is important to remember that your body is not alone. There are quite a few options, methods, and lots of natural products and dietary supplements that can provide relief and help treat and prevent winter illnesses.


What are the symptoms of a cold?


Colds happen mainly during transitions between the seasons, but they can also occur during any season and even in summer.
The common cold has a number of easily identifiable symptoms. It starts about four days after getting infected by the virus and lasts about three days. The full recovery happens only after about a week. The symptoms of a cold are congested or runny nose, sore throat, coughing, tiredness, headaches, phlegm, and muscle pain. Not a very nice feeling indeed.


Tips for a healthy winter


  • Ventilate the house and make sure that the airflow is clean – In winter, we use heating in our houses, because it is pleasant to come back to a warm home, and we also need to be warm when we feel unwell. However, it is important to open windows and ventilate the house a bit, so that the air in the house stays fresh and clean. Besides that, you don’t want to be feeling like in a sauna with hot air that stands still, which increases the chances of getting sick or infecting someone else. Therefore, the temperature should be kept pleasant, but not at the expense of ventilation – remember to leave a window open to let clean air in.
  • Maintaining hygiene – Not just because of Corona. Maintaining hygiene is, perhaps, the most significant factor in preventing disease transmission. Washing your hands especially when taking care of children, working with food or cleaning products will significantly reduce the chances of getting infected. Showering and maintaining strict oral hygiene also helps, besides improving how you feel and making you feel fresh.
  • Healthy diet – The early sunsets, the rain and many hours spent at home make us feel hungry and lazy. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to nutrition during the winter and to follow a healthy diet by eating fresh fruit and vegetables and not foods high in fat and carbohydrates. It is important that your menu contains healthy and natural products to give your immune system energy and a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Using natural products – Natural medicine teaches us that there are things in nature that can help treat and prevent winter illnesses.
    Herbs like Echinacea, Black elderberry and many other useful herbs have been scientifically tested and proven
    to help and relieve respiratory infections. These plants are found in many supplements and their use can help
    to get through the winter in a healthier and easier way.
  • Plentiful drinking – Water is a key component in the body. Drinking water and staying hydrated is important beyond preventing thirst and dehydration. Drinking water helps maintain healthy metabolism. For adults, it is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Make sure to drink water even during cold days, in addition to hot beverages.


To sum it up, you can stay healthy in winter and enjoy the rain, the colors of the season, and the puddles. Small things can make a big difference.
Stay healthy!

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Dr. Alexander Gurushit Director of Research and Development

Dr. Alexander Gurushit

Director of Research and Development

The company’s founder and chief scientist since its establishment. He began to specialize in the field of herbs while still studying medicine in the Soviet Union.  From an early age, he got closely acquainted with the amazing added benefit of the beehive products and researched it in depth. He is responsible for the unique formula used to prepare the extract for the bees.

Dr. Joshua Maor R&D

Dr. Joshua Maor


Holds a Ph.D. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a postdoctoral fellowship from Harvard Medical School.  Currently, he serves as the head of the Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health Program at the Hebrew University.

Due to the diverse topics he studied and researched, Dr. Maor specializes in a wide variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, organic and analytical chemistry, pharmacology, taxology and environmental health, implementing his knowledge at Zuf Globus.

Omri Doav Biologist, Researcher

Omri Doav

Biologist, Researcher

M.Sc. in Cellular Biology and Immunology. Participated in a number of projects related to medicinal herbs, including a major EU-funded project which examined the medical potential of natural wild plants growing in the Mediterranean basin.

His knowledge of both natural and herbal products, as well as physiology and the body’s immune system make him an important member of the company’s scientific team.

We tried to bring you here on the site all the professional and scientific information about our unique food supplements and their effects. However, it is not possible to answer all the questions and concerns that are probably running through your head, so we are pleased to provide you with the expert team of Zuf Globus, headed by the company’s R&D director Dr. Alexander Gurushit and the company’s special advisor, Dr. Joshua Maor.

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