The story of an initiative from the Upper Galilee

Zuf Globus was established in 2003 in the celestial landscape of the Upper Galilee, between Mount Hermon and Naftali Plateau. Over the course of two decades, by using simple but groundbreaking technology, we have become a significant part of the global market for unique honey bee based nutritional supplements The secret of Zuf Globus is the unique extracts of the plants that feed to the bees – this is the essence of our company's product. These plants help alleviate various medical problems. The company’s flagship product, “LIFEMEL”, has successfully undergone the first stage of a clinical trial (Which examined the safety of the product), the results of which were published in Medical Oncology magazine. During 2020, the second phase of the trial was successfully completed. The trial was conducted by specialists in Italy in the research hospital Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Maggiore della Carità di Novara

Why do we call ourselves "the next generation" of nutritional supplements? Simple !!

Whether it is a powder in a capsule or a liquid – most of the nutritional supplements are made more or less in the same way. We took it a step further by using bees to enhance the medicinal properties of the plants. There is still plenty to discover about all the processes the plants undergo inside the bee’s stomach, however, it is clear that these processes have a very positive effect. If we add the fact that the bees feed on a unique extract of herbs whose medicinal properties have been proven to be beneficial to relieve a variety of diseases, you get a winning formula. The bees are probably doing most of the job, but we are also there to help them. The state-of-the-art factory in Kiryat Shmona meets all of the highest and most stringent quality standards for nutritional supplements, where additional production stages are carried out. At the same time, we work closely with a number of world-renowned laboratories and experts to improve the quality of our products and ensure both their safety and efficacy. We also hold FDA certificate of registration (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), also ZufGlobus are committed to the Standards Mark of the Civic Trust

Everyone is interested in our product, both in Israel and in Europe

The international and Israeli media have followed the developments and activities of Zuf Globus over the years. Here you will find the best publications about us in the various media

We keep testing, learning, and improving continuously

Since the establishment of the company we have been engaged in non-stop research and scientific experiments on ZUF GLOBUS products, led by LIFEMEL clinical trial, whose second phase was completed in 2020 in Italy

Arik Fahima CEO and owner

Arik Fahima

CEO and owner

Owner of Zuf Globus since 2003. Born in Kiryat Shmona, a businessman and an entrepreneur.

Dr. Alexander Gurushit Director of Research and Development

Dr. Alexander Gurushit

Director of Research and Development

The company’s founder and chief scientist since its establishment. He began to specialize in the field of herbs while still studying medicine in the Soviet Union.  From an early age, he got closely acquainted with the amazing added benefit of the beehive products and researched it in depth. He is responsible for the unique formula used to prepare the extract for the bees.

Meir Edri Production Manager

Meir Edri

Production Manager

Manufacturing and Quality Control Manager at Zuf Globus since 2003, born in Kiryat Shmona.

Riccardo Garniga Global Sales Manager

Riccardo Garniga

Global Sales Manager

Born in Northern Italy, a speaker of English, Italian and Spanish, who has been involved in sales for most of his professional career. Garniga has lived in the world of natural products for years and is very interested in the world of bees, which makes him a serious scholar in the field of Zuf Globus products. Recently, Garniga accompanied the second phase of the LIFEMEL clinical trial conducted in Italy.

Dr. Joshua Maor R&D

Dr. Joshua Maor


Holds a Ph.D. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a postdoctoral fellowship from Harvard Medical School.  Currently, he serves as the head of the Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health Program at the Hebrew University.

Due to the diverse topics he studied and researched, Dr. Maor specializes in a wide variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, organic and analytical chemistry, pharmacology, taxology and environmental health, implementing his knowledge at Zuf Globus.

Omri Doav Biologist, Researcher

Omri Doav

Biologist, Researcher

M.Sc. in Cellular Biology and Immunology. Participated in a number of projects related to medicinal herbs, including a major EU-funded project which examined the medical potential of natural wild plants growing in the Mediterranean basin.

His knowledge of both natural and herbal products, as well as physiology and the body’s immune system make him an important member of the company’s scientific team.

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