How to overcome bloating and abdominal pain?

How to overcome bloating and abdominal pain?

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Important to know:

• Bloating is a product of gas accumulation in the digestive tract.
• Bloating can be caused by cruciferous vegetables, whole grains, eating fast, and overeating.
• Probiotics and nutritional supplements help maintain proper function of the digestive tract.

What causes the feeling of bloating in the stomach?
What causes abdominal bloating?
How can you get rid of bloating?

What causes the feeling of bloating in the stomach?

Many of us are familiar with this annoying feeling. The feeling of bloating can occur right after having a meal or several hours later, and it can last for hours before it goes away. Bloated stomach is the phenomenon that everyone knows and prefers not to talk about it.
Bloating is, in fact, accumulated gas in the digestive tract. There is no exact measure as to how much gas must accumulate in the system so that it can be defined as “abdominal bloating”. Each case is individual, however, when the amount of gas is more than your intestines can contain, you get a stomach ache.
The body relieves itself from bloating by releasing gases both ways: from the upper abdomen through the respiratory tract and from the lower abdomen through the colon.


What causes abdominal bloating?

Excessive gas in the digestive tract, which causes bloating and pain, is usually a product of foods that are not broken down by food enzymes in the stomach. Eventually, these foods, such as cauliflower, onion, legumes, whole grains, broccoli, and artificial sugars, get broken down by other bacteria. During this breakdown, the digestive tract releases gas. This gas causes pain and discomfort.

Drinking carbonated beverages and consuming different sugar substitutes can also increase the How can you get rid of bloating? chances of bloating. Irregular eating and eating large amounts of food can also be expected to end with abdominal cramps and unnecessary gas.

Abdominal bloating can also be a result of other digestive problems, such as sensitivity to gluten or lactose, and constipation.

How can you get rid of bloating?

It is important to learn your body’s sensitivities. Not every type of “problematic” food will cause you to have the same amount of gas, and therefore, it is necessary for you to understand which type of food your body is sensitive to, and avoid it. Drinking plenty of water can help your digestive system and reduce the possibility of bloating.

There are many natural dietary supplements that can help reduce the chance of gas accumulation. These dietary supplements are based on plants like Alfalfa (lucerne) and medicinal sage, which have been shown to help the digestive system function properly.

Different probiotic products can help as well, if the bloating is caused by a low amount of good intestinal bacteria.

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