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How to treat mouth ulcers (canker sores)?

How to treat mouth ulcers (canker sores)?

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Important to know:

• Canker sores usually disappear by themselves within a week. However, in certain cases, they can last for a month
• Specific dietary supplements and appropriate diet can help reduce the risk of developing mouth sores
• It is important to avoid salty food and acidic drinks when you have mouth ulcers

What are canker sores? What do they cause?
What causes the sores?
How can mouth sores be treated?

What are canker sores? What do they cause?

Small canker sores, ulcers and lesions in the mouth are a common and annoying problem that affects about 50% people throughout their lives. These small ulcers are usually white in the center, they cause a burning and painful sensation and make you feel uncomfortable when eating, drinking, or even talking.

These ulcers can appear in different parts of the mouth: In the mouth itself (on the inner side of the cheeks), on the tongue, in the throat or on the lips, and they can cause pain when eating and drinking, especially when the food is salty or acidic.

The ulcers usually disappear by themselves in a week or so, however, there are cases when they can last up to a month. As long as you have them, they can create another problem – bad breath.


What causes the sores?

There are different factors that cause sores in the mouth. One of them is biting your cheek or tongue when talking or eating. Also, digestive system disorders such as acid reflux or sensitivity to a certain food might be the cause for this condition.

According to other, less grounded hypotheses, canker sores are an autoimmune disease – a condition when your body attacks itself. Other assessments claim that this is a psychological phenomenon and that the sores appear during stressful and hectic times.


How can mouth sores be treated?

Since this is a common phenomenon, but not a very complex one, there are quite a few ways to deal with it.

Many granny’s remedies are considered effective for pain relief. Even putting an ice cube on the affected area will relieve the pain for a short period of time. However, almost all of the most accurate and better long-term solutions are based on herbs.

You could drink a simple chamomile-infused tea, which soothes and helps in healing the sores, or apply honey or propolis on the sores to alleviate the pain. Additionally, there are specific supplements that can both heal the sores, relieve pain and serve as a preventative treatment that reduces the chance of getting mouth ulcers. These dietary supplements are based on flowers such as prostrate knotweed or black elderberry, which have been scientifically proven to be effective in fighting respiratory system and mouth inflammations.

At the same time, it is important to avoid eating or drinking acidic or salty foods when you have mouth ulcers.

If you want to prevent mouth ulcers, you can also consult a dietitian, because avoiding certain foods and eating certain foods may reduce the chances of getting the ulcers.

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Dr. Alexander Gurushit

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Dr. Joshua Maor


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Due to the diverse topics he studied and researched, Dr. Maor specializes in a wide variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, organic and analytical chemistry, pharmacology, taxology and environmental health, implementing his knowledge at Zuf Globus.

Omri Doav Biologist, Researcher

Omri Doav

Biologist, Researcher

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His knowledge of both natural and herbal products, as well as physiology and the body’s immune system make him an important member of the company’s scientific team.

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