Natural fertility solutions for men

Natural fertility solutions for men

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Important to know:

• 35% of couples have problems conceiving because of fertility issues in men.
• Usually, fertility issues are caused by anatomy, hormonal problems or an unhealthy lifestyle
• Natural dietary supplements contain plants that are known to help improve sperm quality

What is a fertility problem?
What causes fertility problems?
How are the infertility problems treated?

What is a fertility problem?

In medical terms, if pregnancy cannot be achieved after 12 full months of sexual activity without contraception, it is
considered a fertility problem. In couples where the woman is over 35, infertility is diagnosed after half a year of not getting pregnant.

For years, fertility research has focused mainly on the female body. Methods have been perfected, problems have been solved, and women who were considered to be barren have become proud mothers. On the other hand, men have not been studied in depth.

Because of years of little research dedicated to men, they became the cause of 35% fertility problems among the couples who want to have children. Nowadays, many studies are being conducted in the field of male infertility, and several solutions have been found.


What causes fertility problems?

There are many different causes for male infertility, starting with the man’s anatomy to an unhealthy lifestyle or diseases and other medical treatments that affect the male reproductive system.
Some of the problems include:

1. Retrograde ejaculation (when semen enters the bladder instead of coming out)
2. Ejaculatory duct obstruction
3. Sperm antibodies produced by the immune system by mistake
4. Impotence
5. Genetic problems (in chromosomes)
6. Being overweight (affects the sperm quality)
7. Incorrect position of testicles
8. Infection of the male reproductive system


How are the infertility problems treated?

In the past, a man who had a fertility problem had to take comfort in adopting a child or living without children. Today, with the development of science, tests and treatments, there is hope for almost everyone. Here are some common medical ways to “fix” the anatomical problem and some tips for lifestyle and natural treatments that can help improve sperm quality and prevent fertility issues.


  • Relocation surgery – a procedure to move testicles to a correct position. About 30% of men who undergo this procedure regain normal functionality.
  • Intrauterine inseminations – a procedure performed in cases of sexual dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation, depending on the quality of the man’s sperm.
  • Hormonal treatment – similar to female hormonal treatment, this helps many men regain their fertility.
  • Avoiding environmental conditions that cause the testicles to be too warm – for example, cycling for long periods of time, wearing very tight pants, frequent use of jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Taking specific dietary supplements – those who want to avoid expensive or complicated medical treatment can first try the natural treatments. For example, regular use (after consulting with a physician) of natural dietary supplements based on plants like Korean ginseng and angelica, which help improve the level of testosterone in blood and sperm quality.
  • Quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol as much as possible.
  • Not using drugs!

Our nutritional supplements

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Dr. Alexander Gurushit Director of Research and Development

Dr. Alexander Gurushit

Director of Research and Development

The company’s founder and chief scientist since its establishment. He began to specialize in the field of herbs while still studying medicine in the Soviet Union.  From an early age, he got closely acquainted with the amazing added benefit of the beehive products and researched it in depth. He is responsible for the unique formula used to prepare the extract for the bees.

Dr. Joshua Maor R&D

Dr. Joshua Maor


Holds a Ph.D. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a postdoctoral fellowship from Harvard Medical School.  Currently, he serves as the head of the Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health Program at the Hebrew University.

Due to the diverse topics he studied and researched, Dr. Maor specializes in a wide variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, organic and analytical chemistry, pharmacology, taxology and environmental health, implementing his knowledge at Zuf Globus.

Omri Doav Biologist, Researcher

Omri Doav

Biologist, Researcher

M.Sc. in Cellular Biology and Immunology. Participated in a number of projects related to medicinal herbs, including a major EU-funded project which examined the medical potential of natural wild plants growing in the Mediterranean basin.

His knowledge of both natural and herbal products, as well as physiology and the body’s immune system make him an important member of the company’s scientific team.

We tried to bring you here on the site all the professional and scientific information about our unique food supplements and their effects. However, it is not possible to answer all the questions and concerns that are probably running through your head, so we are pleased to provide you with the expert team of Zuf Globus, headed by the company’s R&D director Dr. Alexander Gurushit and the company’s special advisor, Dr. Joshua Maor.

Feel free to send us the questions on WhatsApp or through the contact box here, and we will do our best to answer you in the fullest and fastest way.

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