The body of the woman undergoes amazing changes over the years, and differences in the general feeling, mood and vitality of the body are created.

Although menopause is not defined as a disease, there is no doubt that hormonal deficiency ultimately leads to an increase in morbidity that is beyond the expected risk due to age only.

LadyMel is a special kit for women that has two hive products for treating menopause and PMS. They balance the level of hormones, treats hot flashes, nervousness and restlessness that are associated with menopause and PMS.

LadyMel is a 100% natural and unique product in the world of Zuf Globus that will help you deal with the phenomena.

Limeleme Day and LadyMel (the product comes in two packages) are unique bee products that are made by feeding bees artificial nectar that contain a mixtures of edible plants from all over the world. These are unique formulas that are attributed to health properties in folk medicine.

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