LifeMel is a unique nutritional supplement that is produced by bees that are fed a mixture of natural herbs and honey. The plants’ properties are intensified in the body of the bee, making them more effective.

The product is intended to increase the level of white and red blood cells, increase blood hemoglobin levels, and increase the level of blood cells (thrombocytes).

LifeMel is effective for people with blood problems, such as preventing pancreatopenia and increasing hemoglobin levels. It is also recommended for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. According to the doctors and the testimonies of the patients, it improves the general feeling and the quality of their lives.

It is recommended for cancer patients who suffer from anemia and low hemoglobin levels because chemotherapy and radiation therapy have damaged their immune system and blood image.

LifeMel is made by feeding bees a mixture of natural honey and extracts from medicinal plants. These plants have bioactive substances, such as iron, proteins, enzymes and vitamins, which are needed for regular functioning of the immune system. The active ingredients, which are directly absorbed in the blood, stimulate the production of blood cells and increase the amount of thrombocytes and hemoglobin.

LifeMel is sold worldwide, bringing in hundreds of testimonials from users who testify that it gives a tremendous improvement for healthy blood.

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