Imagine, for just one fleeting moment of taking a mixture of herbs and a whole food honey bee hive
product to help support your healthy hormones, while also arousing your sexual desire . . .

Called Apitherapy, it’s an alternative therapy that uses the end product that comes from the
honey bees to help support and then maintain a healthy body, including the heart, brain, liver,
digestive system, nervous system, immune system, and circulatory system.

Zuf Globus and Dr. Alexander Goroshit took it a step further by combining specially selected herbs
with a honey bee hive product.

Because, as you already know, a good diet can greatly help – down there.

How PotentMel Mel is Made

It all starts by combining 12 GMO-free (exotic) herbs with sweeteners (sweeteners are added to
get the honey bees to eat the blend).

When the blend is turned into a sweet “nectar,” our beekeeper feeds it to honey bees. The bees then
store the solution in their honeycombs, and then a normal honey-producing process begins.

Our beekeeper can take the honeycombs as soon as the bees seal the honeycombs. He takes
the sweet herbal blend out of the honeycombs so it can be filtered, and then poured in a
sanitized jar.

Nothing else is added.

For men, the sexual fluids promote the production of semen. For the ladies, schisandra is said
to support healthy circulation and sensitivity in the female genitals.

Schisandra also helps relieve stress, and calms the body. Less stress, more sex.

Other Herbs Used: Aralia racemosa, Angelica atropurpurea, Inula helenium, Plantago major,
Vitex agnus-castus, Lepidium meyenii, Tribulus terrestris, Vitis vinifera.

Recommended Dosage: It’s just one teaspoon, twice a day.
Why not try PotentMel to see how well it works for you?
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