A beehive product made from a compound of herbs that have proven effective in helping improve sperm count


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Instructions for use:

It is recommended to take one teaspoon of POTENTMEL twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Place the product under the tongue until it is dissolved

כולל מע״מ עלות סופית של המשלוח תחושב בסיום ההזמנה

יש שני סוגי משלוח:
שליח עד הבית של דואר ישראל ומשלוח בדואר חבילות.
שליח חינם עד הבית ברכישה מעל 237 ש”ח

שירות לקוחות 04-6997980

באתר זה אנו משתמשים במערכת רכישה בטוחה השומרת על לקוחותינו ופרטיהם האישיים.

מידע על המוצר

Take a teaspoon of the product, place it under the tongue and suck slowly until completely absorbed. Do not swallow.

It is recommended to take twice a day in the morning and evening before a meal and on an empty stomach.

  • When taking the PotentMel product with the RelaxMel product at the same time, please take a teaspoon of each product one hour a day apart and three hours apart at night

Using Zuf Globus products is not recommended for children under the age of 2 or for people who suffer from
diabetes or are allergic to honey and hive products. Zuf Globus manufactures nutritional supplements, and
this is not a medication. In any case, it is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

Nutrition information for a serving of 100 g
Energy (calories) – 346
Total fats (g) – 0
Sodium (mg) – 8.5
Total carbohydrates (g) – 85.85
of which sugars (g) – 85.85
Proteins (g) – 0.45


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    We have been married for 4 years. For a long time we wanted so badly to bring children into the world and give them warmth, love and the values we received from our parents. Almost two years we tried without success. All around us everyone started talking about daycare and diapers and slowly we felt left out and helpless. Every time we were asked, “What is stopping you?” I frowned and said “Money” as an excuse. I did not tell anyone that my sperm count is lower than usual and I will not be able to have a child. Daphne accepted me this way lovingly and said we would always keep trying. One day I broke down and told a friend from work about the problem. He smiled and recommended “POTENTMEL” a beehive product made from herbs that with regular use improves fertility and sexual function. At first I did not believe it but I tried anyway, what did I had to lose? I already recommended “POTENTMEL” to all my friends and told everyone about the problem that was solved. Who would have believed that in the end I was able to bring a child into the world who would call me Dad

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Zuf Globus products are manufactured under the supervision of the rabbinate in Kiryat Shmona and Badatz.