BRONCHOMEL from the beehive
Like breathable air

The secret of BRONCHOMEL from the beehive is in the ingredients of the unique herbal extract fed on by the bees. Black Elderberry, Prostrate Knotweed and Sage are herbs proven to help clear mucus and treat upper respiratory tract infections.

The plants the bees feed on in this product

Medical properties: The flavonoids in the chemical components in the plant are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which have been proven in laboratory studies. Other studies have shown strong antibacterial properties, which also contributes to treating inflammations.
Where the plant grows: In the Mediterranean, Europe, and North America
What parts are used: Fresh leaves, parts of flowers, oil produced from the flowers and stem.
Medical properties: Helps treat rhinitis symptoms, colds and cough. Dilates the blood vessels and helps the blood flow.
Where the plant grows: Today it is cultivated and grown in most subtropical regions such as Southern Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
What parts are used: Oil extracted from fresh leaves and branches as well as dried leaves.
Medical properties: Some of the chemical components in the plant have antibacterial properties and help treat inflammation-related conditions.
Where the plant grows: In the Mediterranean region, Central Asia, India, South Africa, USA and Australia.
What parts are used: Oil extracted from the leaves and stems of the leaves, dried twigs, fresh leaves and branches.
Bay Laurel
Medical properties: Different chemical components in the leaves have anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. They also help stimulate the immune system.
Where the plant grows: In the Middle East.
What parts are used: Leaves, fruits, and oil extracted from them.
Prostrate Knotweed
Medical properties: The plant has anti-inflammatory properties and contains active ingredients that help maintaing liver health.
Where the plant grows: In any area with "mild" climate
What parts are used: All parts of the plant and sometimes roots as well.
Broadleaf Plantain
Medical properties: The plant has antioxidant capabilities and helps treat various infections.
Where the plant grows: In India, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, North Africa, Spain, USA and Brazil.
What parts are used: Ripe and dried seeds, the plant itself when it's fresh.
Medical properties: The plant is used to treat fever and chills. It helps treat upper respiratory tract inflammation and colds. Recently, a study was published that determined that Elderberry helps treat and prevent influenza (common).
Where the plant grows: In Europe.
What parts are used: Dried flowers, inner part of the stem bark, leaves (fresh or dried) and fruits (fresh or dried).

Experts and research

Dr. Joshua Maor
"The plants that make up the unique extract from which the bees that produce BronchoMel from the hive feed of are known to be anti-inflammatory and help treat problems in the upper respiratory tract."

    BRONCHOMEL product report

    BRONCHOMEL Expert opinion on the toxicological aspects and risk assessment



    BRONCHOMEL product report Dr. Joshua Maor


How long does it take for the product to start working?
Three to seven days
Which foods can be combined with the product and which should be avoided?
The product works best when taken without food and on an empty stomach. It is recommended to slowly suck one teaspoonful until it dissolves in your mouth.
Who is this product NOT recommended for?
For children under 2 years of age, for people who are allergic to honey and beehive products and for people who suffer from diabetes. In any case, it is recommended to consult with a doctor before using the product.
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