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DEFENSEMEL from the beehive
Natural resilience

The power of DEFENSEMEL from the beehive is in the ingredients of the unique herbal extract fed on by the bees. Black Elderberry, Echinacea and Peruvian Marigold have been found effective in cases of various infections and sore throats. They also stimulate the immune system.

The plants the bees feed on in this product

Medical properties: Helps treat blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties
Where the plant grows: Originally from the Mediterranean region and West Asia, but now it is cultivated all over the world.
What parts are used: Fruits and leaves
Purple Coneflower
Medical properties: Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) activates and stimulates the immune system, serves as a supportive treatment for colds and respiratory infections.
Where the plant grows: Originally from South America, but now it is common in most parts of the world.
What parts are used: Flowers, leaves, and roots.
Peruvian Marigold
Medical properties: It has been reported that the use of Peruvian Marigold may improve symptoms of arthritis, and help fight various infections.
Where the plant grows: Mostly in South America.
What parts are used: The outer layer of the root.
Medical properties: Relieves symptoms of menopause.
Where the plant grows: In North America, Argentina, France, Australia and the Middle East.
What parts are used: Dried leaves.
Siberian Ginseng
Medical properties: Relaxes, helps overcome insomnia and restlessness. Helps the body recover from fatigue, exhaustion or illness.
Where the plant grows: In Russia and former Soviet Union countries.
What parts are used: Roots.
Prostrate Knotweed
Medical properties: The plant has anti-inflammatory properties and contains active ingredients that help maintaing liver health.
Where the plant grows: In any area with "mild" climate
What parts are used: All parts of the plant and sometimes roots as well.
Medical properties: The plant is used to treat fever and chills. It helps treat upper respiratory tract inflammation and colds. Recently, a study was published that determined that Elderberry helps treat and prevent influenza (common).
Where the plant grows: In Europe.
What parts are used: Dried flowers, inner part of the stem bark, leaves (fresh or dried) and fruits (fresh or dried).

Experts and research

Dr. Joshua Maor
"The product is recommended for healthy people who want to strengthen their natural immune system by using this supplement with a unique herbal mixture on which the bees feed. These herbs are known to help treat a variety of medical problems"

    DEFENSEMEL product report Dr. Joshua Maor

    DEFENSEMEL Expert opinion on the toxicological aspects and risk assessment



How long does it take for the product to start working?
15 to 30 days
Which foods can be combined with the product and which should be avoided?
The product works best when taken without food and on an empty stomach. It is recommended to slowly suck one teaspoonful until it dissolves in your mouth.
Who is this product NOT recommended for?
For children under 2 years of age, for people who are allergic to honey and beehive products and for people who suffer from diabetes. In any case, it is recommended to consult with a doctor before using the product.
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