ENERGYMEL from the beehive
Green energy

The power of ENERGYMEL from the beehive is in the ingredients of the unique herbal extract fed on by the bees. Siberian Ginseng, American Spikenard and Magnolia Vine are herbs that have been found effective for treating fatigue, weakness or stress during the day.

The plants the bees feed on in this product

Siberian Ginseng
Medical properties: Relaxes, helps overcome insomnia and restlessness. Helps the body recover from fatigue, exhaustion or illness.
Where the plant grows: In Russia and former Soviet Union countries.
What parts are used: Roots.
American Spikenard
Medical properties: Some of the chemical components of the plant have antiinflammatory properties, and experiments have shown that it also helps maintain blood system health.
Where the plant grows: In North America, and especially in Canada and the Northern United States.
What parts are used: Root bulk and the entire root.
Medical properties: Studies show that using the plant helps infertile men improve sperm count and quality.
Where the plant grows: In China and Korea.
What parts are used: Fruit.
Medical properties: The group of major active ingredients in the plant is called alantolactone. These ingredients act as powerful antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory.
Where the plant grows: In Europe and Asia.
What parts are used: Roots.
American Angelica
Medical properties: Experiments in recent years have shown that the plant helps to improve the level of testosterone in the blood.
Where the plant grows: Originally from Northern and Central Europe, but now it is cultivated all over the world.
What parts are used: Fruits, leaves and stems.
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Experts and research

Dr. Joshua Maor
"The bees create the product after feeding on a unique mixture of plants. Some of these plants have long been recognized in professional literature as plants that help increase body energy and strengthen the ability of cells to cope with different stress factors."

    ENERGYMEL Expert opinion on the toxicological aspects and risk assessment

    ENERGYMEL product report Dr. Joshua Maor


How long does it take for the product to start working?
The feeling of increased energy occurs within 30-40 minutes, a more permanent effect occurs only after 20-30 days.

Which foods can be combined with the product and which should be avoided?
The product works best when taken without food and on an empty stomach. It is recommended to slowly suck one teaspoonful until it dissolves in your mouth.
Who is this product NOT recommended for?
For children under 2 years of age, for people who are allergic to honey and beehive products and for people who suffer from diabetes. In any case, it is recommended to consult with a doctor before using the product.
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