What is receding gums and how can this condition be treated naturally?

What is receding gums and how can this condition be treated naturally?

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Important to know:

• More than 50% of adults in Israel suffer from receding gums.
• The main cause for this condition is gum inflammation, but smoking or brushing teeth too hard can also increase the chance of receding gums.
• Different dietary supplements can help prevent and treat receding gums.

What is receding gums and why is this problem so common?
What causes receding gums?
How can receding gums be treated?

What is receding gums and why is this problem so common?

Receding gums is one of the most common dental problems in Israel, and more than 50% of the adult population
suffers from this condition. There is a good reason for it – gums are a very sensitive organ prone to external infections and damage.

Throughout the years, they deteriorate, get injured, suffer from inflammation and other problems, which, eventually, causes them to start receding.

Receding gums is a condition when the gums change their position on the teeth. This can lead to damage of the tissue that supports the tooth and result in esthetic damage in the oral cavity.


What causes receding gums?

Most cases of receding gums happen because of chronic gum inflammation, but there are other factors that can cause this condition. Some of these causes may be surprising. For example, brushing your teeth too aggressively with a brush that has coarse bristles, or over-brushing the teeth by applying force can cause receding gums.

Receding gums can also be caused by smoking or plaque accumulation on the gums.
It is very important to treat this condition. Neglecting it can lead to devastating consequences in the oral cavity, including the extreme case of losing teeth.


How can receding gums be treated?

To treat receding gums, it is important to understand that this is a physical condition that is irreversible if left untreated. It is also important to know that the earlier this condition is diagnosed, the more chances for the treatment to be successful. At the same time, medical treatment is different for each individual patient depending on their gum condition and factors that caused the gums to recede.

Naturally, receding gums can be fixed by surgery performed by an oral or maxillofacial dentist. Besides that, there are specific preparations and supplements that help take care of this problem. Using them on a regular basis may contribute to the treatment and prevention of receding gums.

These supplements usually contain plants like black elderberry and Siberian ginseng, which are known to help treat various infections in the upper respiratory tract and oral cavity.

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